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Treasury Technology

5 technologies transforming corporate treasury

by Pushpendra Mehta, Executive Writer, CTMfile


The ecosystem of modern technologies is helping corporate treasury confront challenges and seize opportunities.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Key pain points for today’s liquidity management

by Pushpendra Mehta, Executive Writer, CTMfile


A recent IDC study recommends treasurers and other financial leaders develop a “unified” liquidity management strategy.

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The Carfang Group

The Carfang Group specializes in consulting, writing, speaking, thought leadership and advocacy in the areas of treasury, payments and liquidity.

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Treasury Careers

10 treasury and payments podcasts to listen to in 2022

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile

Treasury and payments professionals should listen to these podcasts to enrich their knowledge about a range of treasury and payments topics.

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