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‘Next-generation’ Cash Forecasting & Working Capital analytics platform, focused on automation and integration.

Company profile

Cashforce is a ‘next-generation’ Cash forecasting & Working Capital Analytics solution, focused on automation
and integration. Our cloud-based software enables corporates to unlock their data and create smarter decisions,
saving time and money. By integrating internal & external company data (ERPs, TMS, data lakes etc) and
processing them through machine learning techniques, our software provides insight into cash flows & working
capital, automates manual and cumbersome treasury tasks and enables AI-powered-scenarios. Cashforce is
used by midsize to large corporates and has users in over 120 countries.

Cashforce was acquired by TIS in the summer of 2022.

Organisation type
Product/Service Supplier
Regions where available
Europe, North America
Number of staff

Main services

  • Cash flow forecasting
    Integration with ERPs/TMS & other data sets, Smart Cash flow logic + Trend-based forecasts (incl. seasonality, AI…) + Manual input with audit trail
  • Working capital analytics
    Order-to-Cash Analytics + Purchase-to-Pay Analytics + Inventory Analytics + Credit Limit Monitoring + Work-in-Progress Analytics
  • Cash management
    Bank Balance & Net flow Reporting + Automated Cash Flow Classification based on G/L & bank statements + Credit facility Monitoring + GL - Bank balance reconciliation


  • Fine grained G/L based cash flow classification that allows to drill-down to the actual cash flow drivers. This enables full transparency into what exactly drives the cash flow of complex multinational, multi-bank, multi-currency, complex ERP(s) enterprises.
  • By connecting to all cash-impacting data sources, Cashforce succeeds to build a highly accurate cash forecast. Smart algorithms are applied to provide even more accuracy and will show pro-active optimization actions.
  • Thanks to out-of-the-box connectors, we seamlessly and quickly connect our platform with any ERP system. These connectors have a proven record of successful projects and enable a swift and seamless integration between your system(s) and Cashforce, guaranteeing a fast implementation.

User types

  • Cashforce as a ‘new generation’ TMS - visibility in your current and future cash position, insight in your working capital levels and automation of your treasury flows.
  • Cashforce on top of a TMS - Easily integrate Cashforce with your current systems and let your Cash Forecast or Working Capital management truly excel without abandonding your current systems and practices.

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Demos/White papers

Video: When Cash is Key Unilever Changes the Game of Cash Flow Forecasting

By Cashforce

A transparent view of intra-day and future cash and FX positions, is one of the dreams and priorities of every international corporate. Unilever took on the challenge to radically transform its current process through the use of different digital technologies. Cash forecasting platform Cashforce and real-time banking APIs enable them to optimise both their short term (intra-day) cash allocation as well as their longer-term cash and FX decisions. This session will dive into the steps the treasury team took, the challenges and learnings they encountered as well as the road ahead towards accurate & automated cash forecasting.