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Hedge Trackers

Mitigating foreign currency and interest rate risk via consulting, software, and accounting services

Company profile

Hedge Trackers helps implement/re-engineer hedge programs to protect foreign currency and interest rate price risk with consulting, software, and/or accounting services since 2000.  Sell-side participants white-label Hedge Trackers’ software offering to their clients.

Organisation type
Advisory, Product/Service Supplier
Regions where available
North America
Number of staff

Main services

  • Consulting
    Leverage decades of hedge expertise to protect earnings
  • Capella Derivative Mgmt. Software
    Exposure through disclosure
  • Accounting Services
    Add world-class derivative accountants to our team


  • A women-owned private company, based in Silicon Valley and profitable since inception.
  • Innovative part-time derivative accounting staffing model delivers access to talented outsourcing services
  • Shared platform option - Client uses from end for designation & management. Hedge Trackers manages journal entries and disclosures

User types

  • Corporates/Credit Unions - CFOs, Treasurers, Controllers, Accountants, Risk Managers
  • Sell-side Participants
  • Audit Firms

Contact details