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Integrated cloud-based treasury & financial management to optimize the enterprise

Company profile

Kyriba provides cloud-based treasury and financial management solutions designed to optimize cash management, risk management, payments, and working capital strategies, resulting in improved enterprise value.

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Main services

  • Active Treasury
    Kyriba provides CFOs and treasurers with the visibility and reporting they need to optimize cash and liquidity, control bank accounts, deliver compliance and better manage in-house banking and financial transactions.
  • Payments Network
    The Kyriba Payments Network provides companies with real-time fraud detection, helps accelerate ERP cloud migration projects and streamlines global bank connectivity and format transformation.
  • Risk Management
    Kyriba delivers the industry’s most advanced currency risk management solutions with extensive business intelligence capabilities for easy identification and understanding of foreign exchange (FX) risk.
  • Working Capital Management
    Kyriba helps CFOs and senior strategic leaders boost free cash flow and improve EBITDA with supply chain finance solutions that aid in extending payment terms and enable better working capital management.


  • Kyriba is the industry’s only solution that provides full visibility into an organizations’ entire liquidity ecosystem, helping manage working capital, payments, risk and liquidity with AI, BI and machine learning capabilities. We deliver true, in-house Connectivity-as-a-Service
  • and have a global footprint that supports 14 languages within our cloud-based platform.

User types

  • We provide solutions across all industries and business sizes; whether mid-market or Fortune 50. Treasury, Finance, Procurement, IT, Risk Officer, FP&A all turn to kyriba to activate liquidity and create value for their organizations.

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