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NewBanking Identity

We enable people and companies to safely exchange information in a compliant (AML/GDPR) and transparent way.

Company profile

Imagine a world where people can store all of their personal information in one central and secure location and be able to control who has access to this information.

Imagine avoiding the hassle of constantly collecting, storing, verifying, and managing access to information. Imagine better compliance by staying up to date with ever-changing regulations, such as GDPR and anti-money laundering.

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Product/Service Supplier
Regions where available
Asia-Pacific, Europe, Worldwide
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Main services

  • Automatically verify ID documents such as passport and drivers license.
  • Integrate screening options to automatically get information about PEP screening
  • Collect all the data types you need - ID documents, questionnaires, contact info
  • Fully integrated widget can be configured to collect exactly the data you need.


  • From the beginning, we have chosen to handle data ownership based on the basic principle that your customers own their own data. They want to be able to grant access to their data, but they must retain ownership of it.
  • Customers can reuse data partly in relation to the cases that have to be handled in-house and partly when they have to use data with another party.

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