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A single platform for counterparty onboarding, compliance and credit risk monitoring

Company profile

SwissMetrics is a FinTech startup from Switzerland whose purpose is to transform the way companies monitor their counterparty risk exposure – a single platform solution for onboarding, compliance and credit risk monitoring. Developed by finance professionals, the platform is designed to promote smarter collaboration between finance and non-finance teams, in pursuit of a common goal – maximising value through risk mitigation. Being customer centric, SwissMetrics is focused on optimising user experience through practical, innovative and forward looking tools. And while enabling the effective monitoring of the financial health of your customers, suppliers and acquisitions, SwissMetrics further enriches your compliance function.

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Main services

  • Onboarding
    With a database of over 190 million companies from 89 countries from company registries, SwissMetrics allows your organisation to onboard counterparties efficiently and with confidence.
  • Compliance
    Monitor companies and directors against global sanctions and PEP listing to ensure compliance.
  • Credit Risk Assessment
    Utilise upto 10 years of financial history on all public and some private companies and over 50 metrics and ratios. Obtain private financials via secure tools for proprietary analysis.


  • Collaboration is the essence of SwissMetrics. Bringing the commercial business closer to credit, and vice versa, increases relevant information flow which could be crucial in credit assessment and collection. This fosters a risk aware culture that creates pro-activness.
  • Network overview allows a view of finance and non-finance teams involved in their portfolios of companies and associated limits, sanctions screening, business intelligence and credit assessments. This is a critical overview for companies with dispersed regional teams and with teams working from home
  • Private companies primarily make up supply chains and customers where financials are difficult to access, expensive and usually out of date. SwissMetrics features tools to obtain actual and forward looking financials in a secure and digitised format from private companies.

User types

  • SwissMetrics is designed and developed for decision makers from CFOs, treasurers, credit risk and procurement managers.
  • SME to institutional corporates

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