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TIP - your Treasury Information Platform: expert solution and bespoke BI-software rolled into one

Company profile

TIPCO is a spin-off of the leading Treasury consultancy in the German-speaking market. Our unique combination of IT-skills and many years of treasury expertise has enabled us to make the Treasury Information Platform (TIP) the solution of choice for some of the leading companies in Europe across various industries. More than 120 clients trust in our solutions and in our ability to provide market-leading treasury innovation.

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Main services

  • Bank account management & Bank charges monitoring
    Bank account management reinvented: bank data, accout balances, cash pool infos, documents, signatories and bank charges. Collect all relevant data in one spot and make it work for you. Bank engagement reports at the click of a button and in-depth bank charges analysis put you in the drivers seat.
  • Cash flow forecasting & Risk management
    Liquidity forecasting and risk management in a breeze: leverage data from ERPs and TMS, profit from Excel-like data capturing, currency-differentiation and smart plausibility checks. Establish comprehensive FX exposure analyses, at-risk calculations and state-of-the-art FX hedging processes.
  • Treasury reporting & Treasury workflows
    Treasury reporting unleashed: no matter if standard reports or tailor-made analyses, automated e-mail submissions, sleak mobile dashboards or self-service BI-solutions. Tailor your reporting to your requirements. Use state-of-the art workflows to streamline your Treasury.


  • Communication at eye-level: We provide solutions by treasury experts for treasury experts.
  • Seamless connections: Freeing your data and making best use of existing information is at the heart of what we do.
  • Smart innovations: From state-of-the-art reporting, to automated bank charges monitoring and interactive request, approval and hedging workflows.

User types

  • Global MNCs wanting to cut through their systems' complexity and connect better with their subsidiaries around the globe.
  • Mid-sized corporations fast outgrowing their spreadsheets and in need of a powerful reporting tool.
  • Spin-off companies or restructuring cases for which implementation speed is key.

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