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Global leader in on-demand Treasury Management Solutions.

Company profile

TreasuryXpress, a global leader in on-demand treasury management solutions. By offering the most economic, easy-to-implement and easy –to use cloud-based treasury management software in the industry, TreasuryXpress has removed the cost-prohibitive and time-consuming barriers of automation for over 125+ treasuries worldwide. Companies of all sizes can leverage our solutions to automate and optimize their finances on-demand and in the cloud. 

TreasuryXpress clients achieve 100% bank connectivity and cash visibility, manage liquidity and working capital while automating and securing the end-to-end payment processing. 

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Main services

  • C2Treasury, TreasuryXpress’ enterprise on-demand TMS solution.
    C2Treasury, helps clients easily connect to banks to achieve optimal cash and liquidity management and securely manage end-to-end payment processing. User-friendly, self-service reporting tools allow for easy access and distribution of critical financial reports.
  • The TreasuryXpress Store
    The only truly On-Demand software experience in the industry, our online store offers self-service treasury management products and APIs. 100% Cloud-based, these products may be purchased stand-alone or integrated with third-party technology. Buy what you need when you need it.


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User types

  • Using TreasuryXpress’ solutions, Treasury teams at both Multi-National and SME organizations can leverage our powerful, on-demand TMS solutions. Our rapid implementation and transparent pricing models make it easy for treasury to select, implement, and scale critical treasury operations.

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