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Volante Technologies Inc.

Accelerated payments capture, processing, clearing and financial message integration

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Since 2001, Volante has focused on addressing the challenges of financial message integration and payments capture, pre-processing, processing and cleaaring. We serve over 85 financial institutions and corporate enterprises in 35+ countries. We are completely focused on providing our clients with the enhanced business agility they need to thrive and remain competitive in the digital payments age while empowering them to be self-sufficiency by minimizing the need for external consultants and specialists.

Our time proven products Volante Designer and VolPay Suite, are based on the latest technologies, contain rich automation features, and have inbuilt testing. All our products access a growing maintained library of hundreds of international and domestic standards plug-ins, transformations and processor modules. This means projects may be completed in months not years or weeks not months when compared to typical alternative solutions.

Volante’s VolPay Suite of payment products can be deployed in-house, on the cloud or available as ‘Payments as a Service’.

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