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CTMfile Update 11th Aug 2019

For corporate treasury departments world-wide

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August is typically a 'slow-news' month, last week was no exception, but there was one major story from Bloomberg as they explained their new approach to FX hedging that optimises the balance of currency earnings-at-risk vs. cash-flow-at-risk to minimise overall FX impact on companies. The other development was the introduction of several new features in payment systems: progress on the use of blockchain in payments; the use of digital signatures; and new real-time system coming from the Fed in the USA. Plus a new partnership on FX hedging from Kantox and Silicon Valley Bank.

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Plus Top Tips on a new approach to FX hedging and the best News from the Web this week; and much, much more.


Regards, Jack Large
Editor, CTMfile
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Tip of the week

% FX hedged no longer cuts it

Bloomberg new service shows strategic approach to FX risk management required balancing currency earnings-at-risk v. cash-flow-at-risk

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Commerzbank tests blockchain-based machine-to-machine payment solution for the first time

First use of cash on ledger for automated M2M payment processing in cooperation with Daimler Trucks.

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Bank Relationship Management & KYC

Deutsche Bank rolls out digital signatures for clients in Asia Pacific

The solution is now available in 21 countries for the bank's clients.

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Urgent/Instant Payments

US Fed to develop real-time payment and settlement rival to The Clearing House

The FedNow Service looks like it will be fighting for business with the existing RTP network from The Clearing House.

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Risk Management

Treasurers looking to new FX risk mitigation strategies, survey finds

To minimise FX losses, executives are reviewing formulas to balance Cash Flow at Risk and Earnings at Risk.

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Selecting & Implementing Treasury Systems

How to evaluate TMS solutions

Which approach are you comfortable with?

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FX Management & Crypto

Kantox and Silicon Valley Bank partner on FX hedging technology to UK corporates

The micro-hedging solution is designed to automate FX risk management.

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Best Practices & Benchmarking in Operations

Workforce of the future

Key skills and competencies for the treasurer of the future and what to look for in new hires

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