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The Cash Treasury Management File was founded by Jack and Wolfi Large. Purchased in August 2021 by Strategic Treasurer.


Our two missions are to:

1. Cater to the needs of the different types of people in the corporate treasury department:

  • experienced treasury people who just need concise, 'advertorial' free write-ups of recent developments
  • administrative staff who need details of the latest products and services
  • junior staff who need background on each area, as well as details of recent developments, 
  • and to provide Checklists on the main issues, questions and how to tackle some of the main functions and activities in Cash and Treasury Management.

2. Generate buyer engagement with CTMfile Associates through focused, useful and relevant content.


The editorial is written by:

Associates Members' articles are written by themselves. (CTMfile provides editorial assistance in helping associates shape their content where that assistance is required to ensure that our editorial standards are maintained. We do not author on Associate Members' behalf.)

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