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The Carfang Group

by CTMfile

The Carfang Group specializes in consulting, writing, speaking, thought leadership and advocacy in the areas of treasury, payments and liquidity.

The Treasury Recruitment Co

by CTMfile

Visit for more information about CTMfile’s new Associate Member.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Key pain points for today’s liquidity management

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile


A recent IDC study recommends treasurers and other financial leaders develop a “unified” liquidity management strategy.

Risk Management

Industry roundup: 21 April

by Graham Buck


Fitch outlines China challenges; Euro firms gain from commodity hedges; SG seeks start-ups to accelerate; Citi recycles for corporate cards

Payments - Disbursements

Industry roundup: 19 April

by Graham Buck


India’s payment industry trends; RBI assesses Indian economy; Brazil ready to pilot CBDC; War increases commodity trade exposures

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 18 April

by CTMfile

Industry roundup business meeting

Saphyre to improve liquidity, Iran to comepete in crypto market, Russia companies and banks make unexpected profit, Russia CoC cyrpto payments.

Cash & Liquidity Management

2022’s commodities of value: Gold, grain and gas

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile


War-induced risk aversion, grain shortages and energy dependence will help gold, grains and gas emerge as the most valuable commodities in 2022.

FX Management & Crypto

Industry roundup: 15 April

by CTMfile


Bitcoin whales selling, Nexo partners with Mastercard & DiPocket, Real-time SEPA payments, Quantum computing crypto adoption, Paymob’s payment tech.