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Blackstone launches a Cash Management Unit

by Kylene Casanova

The Blackstone Group has launched a new business designed to tap into potential dissatisfaction with money-market funds. The new unit, Blackstone Treasury Solutions Advisors, will offer

Risk Management

Five ways to protect your company from miss-sold swaps

by Kylene Casanova

Gurpreet Banwait's - Director, Solutions, Product Management, FINCAD - excellent article in the AFP's Risk Newsheet recommends instead of playing the blame game when swap positions go sour,

Trade & FSC Management

Letter of Credit usage in Bangladesh grew118% in 2012

by Kylene Casanova

According to SWIFT data tracking MT700 - code for LC - messages, which includes the value of transactions, increased 118% in 2012, compared with 2011. Furthermore, import messages increased by 42% over same period,

Treasury Technology

BELLIN and PwC launch ‘Treasury Analytics’ reporting portal

by Kylene Casanova

Bellin in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers has developed Treasury Analytics, a standalone reporting portal which integrates and processes both the default data from tm5, Bellin's system, and additional inform