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Business Platform & Middleware Connectivity

Connectivity is a major problem in most companies. They have to connect to 100s and often 1000s of organisations each with different communication interfaces, protocols and standards. Fortunately, general business message and connectivity integration platforms and middleware systems and services, are now available, which provide full electronic End-to-End (E2E) connection of all systems. These services provide 'Any-2-Any' transformation - accepting any media input and generating any media output, file exchange management and portal management.

Any-2-Any Transformation

Source: Tieto

General Business Message End-To-End Connectivity Platforms
The comprehensive E2E platforms offer much more than just connectivity, they provide full business process integration. This can involve batch splitting, routing and merging, data enrichment, image rendering, attachment handling, activity checking, reconciliation, archiving of transactions, and checking for tax and legal compliance. Some of the connectivity platforms also provide SWIFT bureau services.

Energy companies are using these platforms to collect meter readings from consumers and businesses. Others connect to all their corporate customers world-wide. Some major companies even use just one single connectivity platform for all their connectivity. It may seem strange to let a third party supplier carryout all business message and connectivity integration, but for many companies it makes real sense. As one user said 'I am in heaven. I have one channel for all communications which just works.'

Middleware Connectivity Integration Systems and Services
The middleware connectivity systems and service offer the functionality for the corporate treasury department to process all types of messages and to connect to all their banks, all payments systems, and all their service providers through just one system.

Middleware Systems and Services
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Some middleware system and service suppliers also provide a SWIFT bureau service.

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