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EB Cash Management Services & Work Stations

Most banks' electronic banking (EB) systems and service functionality has expanded dramatically over the last decade. They are no longer just an electronic communications channel for exchange of information and transactions between the bank and their corporate clients, now most banks provide much more information and support. And many banks are building a portal  for their corporate cash management clients. What the banks mean by a portal varies considerably from the provision of a little additional information to a full blown cash management service that provide full visibility of bank account balances and transactions, payment initiation, cash flow forecasting, administration and planning functions for liquidity management, trading and dealing services, and risk management analytics

There is now considerable overlap between the general corporate treasury management systems and the advanced bank portals.

C&TMSystems Functionality
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Which Combination of Systems?
The expansion of bank portals'cash management functionality is raising important questions for the corporate treasury department's systems strategy: which functions should be carried out on the bank portal and which on the internal corporate treasury management systems? can the corporate treasury department survive by just using the bank portal services and one or two specialist corporate treasury management systems, rather than having a general corporate treasury management system?


Already there are corporate treasury departments in global companies who just use a simple FX trading and positions management system combined with the cash management services in a global bank's portal.

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