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Accounts Payable Management


Accounts Payable are the payments a business owes to suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit; a type of short-term debt. Accounts payable are often referred to as "payables." The main…

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Industry roundup: 7 May


News in brief featuring Contour, Finovate Capital, the AFP, and more.

FX Management & Crypto

Industry roundup: 29 April


Today's headlines include FX losses, AI use in AP, account reconciliation on blockchain, and more.

Payments - Disbursements

Industry roundup: 22 April


News in brief from Basware, Barclays, The World Bank, and Nacha.

Payments - Disbursements

Tipalti adds AI to AP

AI colourful

Tipalti Pi uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make payables smarter.