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Accounts Payable Management


Accounts Payable are the payments a business owes to suppliers for goods or services purchased on credit; a type of short-term debt. Accounts payable are often referred to as "payables." The main…

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B2B Payments

B2B transaction volumes surge

by Ben Poole


Both Tradeshift’s Global Index of Trade Health and Nacha analysis of the US ACH network have picked up sharp rises in B2B payments volumes.

Payments - Receipts

US corporates embracing electronic B2B payments

by Ben Poole


While the AFP 2020 survey shows the benefits that digital payments offer corporates, it also notes the cyber security awareness that firms must show.

Accounts Payable Management

Amex targets the AP space

by Ben Poole


American Express has launched its first automated accounts payable solution for US corporates.

Payments - Disbursements

Digital fiat currencies reality a step closer

by Ben Poole

Digital fiat currencies

A settlement involving SocGen and Banque de France, and a patent application from Visa, offer a glimpse of the future of money.