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Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 12 April

by Graham Buck


Banks aim to decarbonise aviation; Nokia joins Russia exodus; EBF rebuffs EU plans for clearing market; Sri Lanka seeks US$3bn rescue

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 07 March

by CTMfile


Russian banks using China's card system; economic impact from war in Ukraine; CBDC 2nd phase; digital payments in Middle East and North Africa

Risk Management

Industry roundup: 1 March

by Graham Buck


Banks halt Russia commodity trade finance; Paga Group expands to Ethiopia; Sweden's biometric payment card; Ex-SWIFT trio launch cross-border payments

Cash & Liquidity Management

Industry roundup: 24 February

by Graham Buck


McKinsey upbeat on mining sector; Botswana to end cheque use; Few escape supply chain disruption; Islamic finance 'helping sustainability aims'