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Anti-Money Laundering


The Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 is a United States of America Act of Congress that made money laundering a Federal crime. This legislation combined with other legislation such as the European…

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Financial Crime

Better ways to detect and disrupt financial crime

by Ben Poole


New research commissioned by SWIFT Institute analyses the current financial transaction monitoring model and suggests opportunities for the future.

Environment, Social, Governance

EBA makes AML and ESG moves

by Ben Poole

European Banking Authority HQ

The European Banking Authority has issued guidance on the enforcement of AML rules and launched a consultation on ESG risks.

Bank Relations & KYC

Searching for standardisation in KYC

by Ben Poole


The SWIFT KYC Registry was the focus of a recent webinar that included a corporate treasurer on the panel.

Fraud Prevention

Dutch banks take aim at money launderers

by Ben Poole


Transaction Monitoring Netherlands is a collaborative effort that aims to crack down on money laundering and terrorism financing.