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ISO 20022 and the global race to implementation

by Christian Fraedrich , Head of Business Architecture, Deutsche Bank

ISO 20222

"Global progress towards the ISO 20022 migration continues, with some market infrastructures having now implemented the new standard, while others..."

Financial Supply Chain Platforms

Surprising lessons from the ESG frontline

by Tim Nicolle , Founder & CEO, PrimaDollar


PrimaDollar Worker App moves into pilot across Asia. Feedback from the industry is interesting and important

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Dark Data: Search, Collate, Conquer

by Nicolas Christiaen , CEO & Founder, Cashforce

Cash flow forecasting

How to make sense of unstructured data in cash flow forecasting

Cash Payments at POS

Future of digitising cash

by Marion Laboure , Macro Strategist, Deutsche Bank


Marion Laboure, Macro Strategist at Deutsche Bank examines the future of digital cash

Best Practices & Benchmarking

How treasury can thrive in 2021

by Alexander Fleischmann , Head of Market Development, International, TIPCO


The three vital priorities for 2021

Trade & Counterparty Risk Mitigation

Supply chain trade finance: the next big thing

by Tim Nicolle , Founder & CEO, PrimaDollar


At last, a viable and simple enterprise solution that gets early payment out to ALL SUPPLIERS in the international supply chain