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Bank Fees Reconciliation & Negotiation


Analysis of bank charges and fees has always been difficult because banks use different charging structures, and because their charging systems were inefficient and inconsistent. Today banks are…

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Risk Management

Industry Roundup: 24 March

by Graham Buck


WTO on supply chain disruption; Partial reopening for Moscow exchange; Crédit Agricole post-Brexit fees; Citi, Stenn pair on supplier financing

Cash & Liquidity Management

Industry roundup: 24 February

by Graham Buck


McKinsey upbeat on mining sector; Botswana to end cheque use; Few escape supply chain disruption; Islamic finance 'helping sustainability aims'

Trade Transaction & Payment Services

Industry roundup: 21 April 2020

by Ben Poole


News in brief featuring RBC, SmartStream, Mastercard and more.

FX Management & Crypto

Is ‘monetary magic’ dead?

by Ben Poole


How far has central bank power waned since the global financial crisis?

Bank Relations & KYC

Banks recover 75% of defaulted corporate loans

by Bija Knowles

A study on corporate loan defaults show that banks can expect to recover 75 per cent of a defaulted loan but often recovery can be zero, according to data from 50+ banks by Global Credit Data