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Bank Relationship Management & KYC


Bank relationships are vital. Bank Relationship Management (BRM) is a major task in any corporate treasury department and covers many other staff around the company. Often large companies use hundreds of banks world-wide and have thousands of bank accounts. The efficient and auditable management of bank…

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Bank Relationship Management & KYC

COVID-19 impacts on European banks


A report from Scope Ratings says that pre-existing financial health matters as European banks await the economic impact from the virus.

Bank Relationship Management & KYC

Compliance spending approaches its peak


Data from Greenwich Associates suggests financial service firms are looking to control costs though outsourcing.

Bank Relationship Management & KYC

Does a ‘digital bank’ even exist yet?


Calls for a reevaluation of the digital bank concept, as one claim suggests a fully digitised bank would have a maximum 10 employees.