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Best Practices & Benchmarking


There is no such thing as general Best Practice, only Good Practices that might be worth using as an indicator of possible practices in your department. Similarly, Benchmarks are not absolute truths.…

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Treasury Careers

10 treasury and payments podcasts to listen to in 2022

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile


Treasury and payments professionals should listen to these podcasts to enrich their knowledge about a range of treasury and payments topics.

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 12 April

by Graham Buck


Banks aim to decarbonise aviation; Nokia joins Russia exodus; EBF rebuffs EU plans for clearing market; Sri Lanka seeks US$3bn rescue

Environment, Social, Governance

Venture capital “catching up on ESG issues”

by Graham Buck

ESG graphic

Traditionally slow in considering environmental, social and governance aspects, venture capital firms have started to push for the adoption of ESG