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Billing Systems & e-Invoicing


Generating a bill or invoice - the request for payment (which is legally required in many countries and is subject to local laws) and presenting it to the customer for payment, and then collecting the…

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Payments - Receipts

Finance teams should embrace automation of supplier invoices

by Bija Knowles

Many financial jobs are under pressure from automation and while the main concern is the threat to job security, machines will take on some of the most tedious and frustrating jobs in finance

Payments - Receipts

PayRank - an algorithmic approach to invoice payment

by Laurence Holmes , Quantitative Developer, Previse
by Joseph Heenan , Machine Learning Software Engineer, Freelance Engineer

What can the payments industry learn from Google’s revolutionary search engine algorithm? Laurence Homes and Joseph Heenan show how such AI technology can solve some of B2B payments’ knottiest problems

Payments - Receipts

E-invoice market to grow 5-fold by 2024

by CTMfile

A report by Billentis on e-invoicing outlines market developments and potential for huge growth, driven by government digitisation and requirements for clearance model business invoicing

Payments - Receipts

E-invoicing standard a step closer in Europe

by CTMfile

The European Commission has moved a step closer to defining a European e-invoicing standard but this won't simplify the e-invoicing landscape in the B2B environment

Payments - Receipts

PSD2 and jargon explained

by CTMfile

European Payments Council infographic shows why Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was created, the main changes, who is who, possible roles, and the likely calendar. It will change your life