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Cash Flow Forecasting


Cash flow forecasting is the basis of sound liquidity management. There are basically four types of cash flow forecast: end of day/overnight position (often called operational cash), short term…

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash forecasting: A data story

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

In the huge amount of available data, it’s important to distinguish internal from external data

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Smart cash flow forecasting made easy

TIPCO describe how their cash flow forecasting solution allows corporates to focus on the fun part

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Cash forecast basics – learning from your mistakes

by Rod Staples, Cash Forecast Architect and Trainer, Staples Consultancy

Forecasting supports business decisions - but without variance analysis, how much confidence can you place in your data?

Cash & Liquidity Management

5 economic trends to watch unfold in 2018

Trade policies are a major source of concern for global corporate executives. Here are five take-aways from the results of McKinsey's Economic Conditions Snapshot survey 2018

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Four cornerstones for a reliable cashflow forecast

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

Nicolas Christian, CEO at Cashforce, contrasts the functionality of dedicated cash flow forecasting platforms such as Cashforce's with the approach of a classic TMS in producing reliable cash flow forecasts.