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Cash & Liq. Mngm in Middle East & Africa


The Middle East Africa region has some of the poorest countries as well as some of the richest. In many countries, the development of the banking infrastructure is underway and basic payment…

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Have Iranian banks rejoined SWIFT?

by CTMfile

Not according to the SWIFT press office, but web-sites are reporting they have. It’ll take time

Payments - Receipts at POS

Citi expands global commercial card platform into Turkey

by CTMfile

Citi is adding Turkey to its global commercial card programme platform. They have offered commercial cards in Turkey for some time, but migration onto Citi's global platform enables both

Cash & Liquidity Management

Citigroup setting up a representative office in Iraq

by CTMfile

Citigroup received approval this week to open a representative office in Baghdad and will consider more such offices in the country. Even though in other emerging markets they are withdrawing, in