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Cash & Liquidity Mngm in Latin America


International cash management in Latin America is not easy due to the lack of advanced clearing systems and many restrictive regulations prohibiting cross-border cash pooling and other advanced cash…

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Bank Relations & KYC

Brazil moves a step closer to open banking

The Central Bank of Brazil has issued regulations which would see the country’s top 12 banks open up customer data to third parties.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Where should treasurers look for next global opportunity?

Three emerging economies are set to outperform their neighbours in the next five years, offering potential opportunities for companies looking to streamline or expand business operations

Cash & Liquidity Management

US will lose global economic dominance by 2050 - PwC

Emerging market countries will increase their share of global GDP over the next two decades, continuing the shift in global economic power away from the West, according to data from PwC