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Cash Payments at POS


Cash, bank notes and coins, are the oldest payment system and coins were first used some 2,500 years ago. Cash is used for the majority of payments in almost all countries. In Europe in 2008 78% of…

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Payments - Receipts

Payment systems - think different

by Jack Large

Deeply understand the transaction process, then its just commonsense to think differently

Payments - Receipts at POS

When will ‘no checkout’ become common practice?

by Bija Knowles

The majority of European payments professionals think that 'no checkout' at physical stores in Europe is five years or more away – as Amazon Go announces more stores in the US

Payments - Receipts at POS

Europe not so cashless after all

by Bija Knowles

Some recent research challenges the view that we're well on our way to becoming a cashless society dominated by mobile shopping, card payments and online commerce

Payments - Receipts at POS

New payments tech on track to surpass cash usage globally

by Bija Knowles

Traditional methods still dominate payments received by merchants and retailers but new payment technologies are gaining popularity – even outstripping cash usage in one key region