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Cash Payments at POS


Cash, bank notes and coins, are the oldest payment system and coins were first used some 2,500 years ago. Cash is used for the majority of payments in almost all countries. In Europe in 2008 78% of…

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Payments - Receipts at POS

What can digital payments learn from cash?

by Kylene Casanova

We often hear that digital payments are paving the way for the elimination of cash. But according to the Bank of England, there are more coins and banknotes in circulation than ever before.

Payments - Receipts at POS

Surge in global payments revenue expected to continue

by Kylene Casanova

A white paper looking at the global e-commerce industry has noted growing bank revenues from the payments business, with mobile and online commerce fuelling this continuing trend.

Payments - Receipts at POS

Is Europe ready to eliminate cash?

by Kylene Casanova

The European Parliament is supporting No Cash Day on 5 April but, despite impressive uptake of contactless and other e-payment methods in northern Europe, cash's allure is enduring.

Payments - Receipts

Citi’s Digital Money Report shows the slow adoption world-wide

by Kylene Casanova

Citi and Imperial College London’s third Digital Money Report highlights the slow progress in digital money adoption and the drivers for change. See where you rank in Citi’s 2016 Digital Money Index