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Collecting Payments on the Internet


There are two types of payment collection on the Internet: those that are initiated via the Internet and then cleared and settled through an 'external' payment system, and those that are made…

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Payments - Receipts at POS

Access to 145 million active Chinese online shoppers via PAY.ON

by Kylene Casanova

PAY.ON have integrated China UnionPay (China CUP) and subsidiary ChinaPay into its PayPipe routing gateway. This development means that payment service providers and their merchants in the US, Europe and other parts

Payments - Receipts at POS

3.6% of all Internet payments are completed using iPad devices

by Kylene Casanova

The iPad is the world's most commonly used mobile device for payments, with users spending on average 20 percent more per purchase than on other mobile devices, according to a research conducted by Adyen, a provider

Payments - Receipts at POS

EBA CLEARING launches MyBank technical pilot

by Kylene Casanova

The new Online Banking ePayment (OBeP) systems allow consumers to make purchases using their most trusted financial institutions - their banks. With this approach, consumers don't have to share their personal inform

FX Management & Crypto

Fully automated and bespoke FX settlement solution from Barclays

by Kylene Casanova

The BARX FXPay settlement solution has been built for online retailers who have to collect 100s and often 1000s of low value payments each day, particularly at weekends, sometimes in their customer's local currency.