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Collecting Payments on the Internet


There are two types of payment collection on the Internet: those that are initiated via the Internet and then cleared and settled through an 'external' payment system, and those that are made…

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Collecting Payments on the Internet

Payment is a product, a journey through data

Dan Marovitz, VP Global Payments, Booking.com, world's largest online travel site, on key drivers & structures in e-commerce payments

Payments - Receipts

10 key trends for payments in 2018

All eyes will be on how PSD2 will change the payments landscape this year – but instant payments, advanced authentication technologies and DLT will also change the way we pay in 2018

Payments - Receipts at POS

Mobile wallets drive e-commerce growth

Research confirms what we already suspected: in-store purchases are decreasing as e-commerce gains popularity – but mobile proximity payments are becoming more widespread

Payments - Receipts

Hot on the heels of the digital revolution

Embracing the changes that come with e-payments can make treasury relevant to the customer experience, as discussed by two corporates in the auto sector and oil sector.

Payments - Receipts at POS

Europe not so cashless after all

Some recent research challenges the view that we're well on our way to becoming a cashless society dominated by mobile shopping, card payments and online commerce

Fraud Prevention

The dark side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There are some pretty good reasons to avoid having anything to do with the cut-price spending splurge but retail businesses take a double-hit of discount fatigue and increased fraud risk