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Corporate treasury departments have a massive connectivity problem. They have to communicate and deal internally with almost every department and operating unit within the company or the group, and…

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SWIFT gpi for corporates

by Christof Hofmann, Global Head of Payments and Collections, Deutsche Bank

Christof Hofmann, global head of payments & collection products, Deutsche Bank explains what is happening & how corporates can exploit


SWIFT announces GPI progress

SWIFT announced today that almost half of SWIFT GPI payments are completed within 30 minutes and almost all are done within 24 hours


The shape of technology in 2018

We're constantly urged to innovate, digitalise and automate, even as technology's pace of change is hard to keep up with. Deloitte's Tech Trends 2018 should help keep updated with key trends


How ISO 20022 is unifying fintech

A discussion paper by SWIFT looks at how the financial messaging standard ISO 20022 is unifying the use of financial technology globally


Majority of companies unprepared for cyberattacks

The consequences of suffering a cyberattack are serious, from costly and reputation-damaging disruption to operations, to data breaches – so why are so few companies preparing properly?