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Corporate treasury departments have a massive connectivity problem. They have to communicate and deal internally with almost every department and operating unit within the company or the group, and…

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ICC issues guidelines for BPO bank-corporate agreements

by Kylene Casanova

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued guidelines for drawing up a contract or agreement between a bank and customer, to include the bank payment obligation (BPO).

Bank Relations & KYC

A game-changer for bank-corporate connectivity?

by Kylene Casanova

Will corporates be able to programme their own interface with their banks in future? The intersection of banking and application programming interfaces (APIs) is an increasingly hot topic.


Have Iranian banks rejoined SWIFT?

by Kylene Casanova

Not according to the SWIFT press office, but web-sites are reporting they have. It’ll take time

Cash & Liquidity Management

FRIDAYclub: Lessons and take aways from Eurofinance, Budapest

by Kylene Casanova

Two leading experts on corporate treasury technology - Palle Dedenroth - Danfoss, and Bengt Elvinsson, Corning - discuss their conclusions on the products and sessions at Eurofinance last week