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Crypto currencies


Roundup: 2 September

by Jack Large


Your daily news briefing featuring sustainable finance, crypto payments in Switzerland, new services in Nigeria and Canada

Crypto Assets

Bitcoin in your bank account?

by Ben Poole

Bitcoin held by a businessman

FIS solution for banks will enable corporate clients to buy, sell and hold bitcoin.

FX Management & Crypto

Chinese crypto exchange CEO missing

by Ben Poole


IDAX Global's CEO has disappeared just days after its activity in China was suspended and users' ability to withdraw funds was hampered

Crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency: A Primer

by Jack Large


Cryptocurrency. For the uninitiated to understand what is going on

Fraud Prevention

CTMcast - 21 June 2019

by Jack Large

Facebook's Libra likely impact, ClearBank services, Late payments, Fraud, KYC platforms future

Releasing Trapped Cash

Blockchain technology is thriving

by Jack Large

Block chain / Distributed Ledger Technology is being used all over: high value payments; prevention of counterfeiting; smart contracts;