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All corporate treasury departments deal in one or more of the following financial instruments: FX, money market, interest rate derivatives, equities and commodities. Mostly the corporate treasury…

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Dealing & Trading

ITG launches FX Volatility Index application

New Index forecasts volatility in coming trading day based on historical trends & adjusts for implied volatility as well as recent volatility trends across dealers and ECNs on previous trading day

Dealing & Trading

Citi introduces market infrastructure Risk Heat Map

Citi has introduced the Market Infrastructure Risk Heat Map ("Risk Map") to provide investor and intermediary clients with comprehensive risk evaluations for each market in Citi's global network.

Dealing & Trading

BELLIN Matching Service

To meet EMIR and other regulations requirement for contract matching, BELLIN have launched a confirmation matching service for their treasury management system tm5.

Dealing & Trading

Tri-party Repos now available on 360T

Tri-party Repos are now available on the 360T trading platform. The new service is fully integrated with Clearstream - see figure - and uses either GMRA (bilateral) agreements as well as the new