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Electronic Banking Connectivity


The simplest way to connect to the cash management banks is to use their corporate electronic banking (EB) connectivity services. Increasingly, these basic EB connectivity services have been expanded…

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Digitisation in focus at Sibos

Digital world concept

A new online instalment of the financial services conference explored how automation has helped global trade survive and thrive during the pandemic.


Bank of America spreading APIness


New API support revealed this week allow the bank's clients to trade and settle FX payments and enhance real-time treasury management.


ISO 20022 in focus with SWIFT and Citi

Digital financial messaging concept

While ISO 20022 provides the potential for reduced friction, it will be up to the industry and individual institutions to adopt this new paradigm.

Bank Relations & KYC

The road to true digital bank


A report from Forbis Group explores what a truly digital bank looks like, and what that means for institutions and customers.