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Fraud Prevention


Fraud is wrongful deception for financial gain. The global levels of fraud are huge and growing: according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (AFCE) in the USA, a typical business loses 5…

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Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Industry roundup: 7 April

by Graham Buck


Ukraine war to crimp global growth; IOSCO reviews corporate bonds risk; Intel completes Russia exit; BNP Paribas' green ETF

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 6 April

by Kylene Casanova


OFAC sanctions against Hydra; NatWest Group reduce APP fraud; Brazil bank cloud-based fraud solution, Visa & PopID alliance; Middle East biometrics

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 23 March

by Kylene Casanova

News business man

Cross-border CBDC platform interoperability, RippleNet - potential alternative to CBDC, Mastercard connects banks to BNPL, Biometric tech and fraud