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FX Management & Crypto


According to the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey of foreign exchange volumes, in 2013, almost $5.3 trillion in currencies globally are traded daily. The increasing…

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Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

The 5 ‘don’ts’ of FX risk management

Managing foreign currency risk is one of the top challenges for corporate treasurers at multinational organisations but what are some of the mistakes companies often make in FX hedging?

FX Management & Crypto

Five trends and pain points in global FX and payments

Accessing global transaction banking is at the heart of the challenges facing businesses trading internationally – some of the problems include cost and speed of transaction

FX Management & Crypto

45% of UK companies ignoring sterling currency risk

Almost half of British businesses are not actively managing their currency risks, despite the devaluation of sterling having a negative impact on sales margins for many

FX Management & Crypto

RMB internationalisation stalls in 2016

SWIFT RMB Tracker shows an overall decline in RMB payments by value for 2016, closing out the year in sixth place among currencies used for international payments


2016 Review - May

Tailor made corporate treasury? PSD2 and interchange fee regulations; treasury urgently needs to invest in FX risk management capabilities; Banks losing FX market share to non-banks; Host-2-Host or SWIFT?

FX Management & Crypto

2016 Review - February

Corporate treasury on cloud; FX volatility; UK’s Open Banking Standard; ‘One Treasurer’s Wish List’

Cash & Liquidity Management

Renminbi at a crossroads?

China's currency has lost almost 6 per cent of its value against the US dollar since the beginning of 2016, arousing fears of further depreciation.

FX Management & Crypto

BIS view on why FX markets are shrinking

The BIS Quarterly Review looks at three emerging themes from the 2016 survey of global FX markets, in an article that discusses the causes and implications of downsized FX markets

Cash & Liquidity Management

New FX tools for monitoring RMB risk

This Thomson Reuters report describes the development of the yuan into an international trade currency, underlining the need for a group of indices to monitor and hedge RMB movements.

Dealing & Trading

62% of OTC trades centrally cleared – BIS surveys

More dealers are clearing over-the-counter interest-rate derivatives through central counterparties but central clearing is far less common for other types of OTC trades, according to the BIS.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Renminbi increasingly used for trade with China/HK

Seven countries began to use the renminbi for more than 10 per cent of their direct payments (by value) with China and Hong Kong in the two years from October 2014 to September 2016.

FX Management & Crypto

FX performance measurement service launched by SWIFT

HSBC is the first customer to use SWIFT's newly-launched information service, FX Business Insights, which allows clients to continuously measure their FX business performance.

FX Management & Crypto

FX Risk Management in a New Era of Volatility

New AFP Executive Guide examines factors that affect treasury practitioner’s ability to identify and manage foreign exchange risk, and the key stages required in setting and implementing a FX risk management policy