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FX Management & Crypto


According to the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey of foreign exchange volumes, in 2013, almost $5.3 trillion in currencies globally are traded daily. The increasing…

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Cash & Liquidity Management

More banks join CLSNet

by Ben Poole


BNP Paribas, Citibank and J.P. Morgan among those signing up to the post-trade processing platform.

FX Management & Crypto

SMBC selects Kx for e-FX infrastructure

by Ben Poole


The multi-year agreement will provide the bank with a variety of capabilities, including algo trading and risk management tools.

Dealing & Trading

Top 10 market structure trends for 2020

by Ben Poole


New Greenwich Associates report finds that technology will continue to drive financial market evolution in the new year.

FX Management & Crypto

Is ‘monetary magic’ dead?

by Ben Poole


How far has central bank power waned since the global financial crisis?


TreasurUp partners with KBC

by Ben Poole


The winner of Rabobank's 2016 Moonshot innovation campaign offers a white label treasury platform.

FX Management & Crypto

Chinese crypto exchange CEO missing

by Ben Poole


IDAX Global's CEO has disappeared just days after its activity in China was suspended and users' ability to withdraw funds was hampered