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FX Management & Crypto


According to the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey of foreign exchange volumes, in 2013, almost $5.3 trillion in currencies globally are traded daily. The increasing…

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FX Management & Crypto

RMB is stuck

Growth has stalled and global rank is still only 6th

Cash & Liquidity Management

How will US-China trade wars affect RMB?

The renminbi has dropped to #7 in the ranking of international payment currencies, according to a measure of the currency's use on the SWIFT network

Dealing & Trading

What’s the future of e-trading?

JP Morgan asked more than 400 institutional traders (mainly FX, rates and commodities) about the biggest e-trading trends for 2018, from mobile trading and MiFID II to precision execution

FX Management & Crypto

End for Bitcoin as a payment medium?

Stripe announce they are winding down support for Bitcoin as a payment medium. Bitcoin is “better suited to being an asset than being a means of exchange”

Cash & Liquidity Management

How Monarch’s cash flow became critical

Yesterday Britain's fifth largest airline went into administration after several bumpy years that have seen cash injections that haven't been able to keep huge industry pressures at bay