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FX Management & Crypto


According to the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey of foreign exchange volumes, in 2013, almost $5.3 trillion in currencies globally are traded daily. The increasing…

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FX Management & Crypto

Can ‘quantamental’ apply in corporate treasury too?

The past year has seen the rising use of a new non-word in investment circles: 'quantamental', a cross between quantitative and fundamental. What does it mean and should corporate treasurers care?

FX Management & Crypto

Impact of IFRS 16 and revenue recognition

Lease accounting and revenue recognition are two pieces of regulatory compliance that have got a lot of CFOs and treasurers worried. Recently Microsoft stated how this affected its balance sheets

FX Management & Crypto

How much negative currency impact are you reporting?

FiREapps Q1 2017 Currency Impact Report shows a relatively low collective negative currency impact of $6.7 Billion by North American and European corporations BUT BEWARE FX volatility could return soon

FX Management & Crypto

FX: in the age of the algos tailor them to fit your needs

Northern Trust launch of a suite of sophisticated foreign exchange client execution algorithms that allow clients to manage their FX exposure with an enhanced level of control and transparency

FX Management & Crypto

Corporates advised to take a ‘first look’ at the FX Code

by Mark O’Toole, Vice President of Commodities & Treasury Solutions, OpenLink

With a minority UK Government sending Sterling south, Mark O’Toole of OpenLink explains why the newly published FX Code puts a global corporates’ risk management practices under the microscope

FX Management & Crypto

Why would you not use a bank for FX?

FX brokers and advisors continue to take SME’s FX business, but for big deals they cannot match the leading FX banks

FX Management & Crypto

FX market authorities welcome Global Code of conduct

A voluntary code of conduct for the global foreign exchange markets, the FX Global Code, was released yesterday, with the aim of raising standards and promoting fairness and efficiency

Cash & Liquidity Management

China’s small steps towards renminbi reform

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) deputy governor Yi Gang has said that the renminbi will become a free-floating currency – but only when China thinks markets are right

FX Management & Crypto

3 things to get right to improve your FX risk management

Hedging strategies are central to managing FX risk but the uncertainty of global politics, together with the move to automated systems and changes in banking relationships have shifted the goal posts

FX Management & Crypto

Brexit is still the top risk for UK CFOs

Brexit still tops the list of risks perceived by CFOs in the UK although, overall, optimism has reached an 18-month high as the level of perceived negative impact from Brexit decreases slightly