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FX Settlement


A corporate FX transaction involves a bank, on behalf of their corporate client, paying for the currency it sold at an agreed rate to another bank and receiving a different currency in return for the…

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FX Hedging

Deutsche Bank enhances FX platform

by Ben Poole

FX generic

The bank has launched new features to help corporates manage new Vietnam FX hedging rules.

FX Risk

The US$6.16bn cost of FX headwinds

by Ben Poole

FX currency impact

Kyriba’s Currency Impact Report for Q4 2020 shows the cost of currency volatility on North American and European corporates.


Bank of America spreading APIness

by Ben Poole


New API support revealed this week allow the bank's clients to trade and settle FX payments and enhance real-time treasury management.


Industry roundup: 11 May 2020

by Ben Poole


News in brief covering supply chain finance, digital payments, invoice payments and more.

FX Management & Crypto

Industry roundup: 29 April 2020

by Ben Poole


Today's headlines include FX losses, AI use in AP, account reconciliation on blockchain, and more.