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Green Corporate Treasury Department

Crypto currencies

Industry roundup: 22 October

by Jack Large


RMB global progress; New Zealand climate change action; Virtual currencies in USA


Industry roundup: 20 October

by Jack Large


Store automation hots up; new Green Financial Centre Index; Is ‘Crypto’ a Risk?

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry Roundup

by Jack Large


EPA’s Whitepaper on Project Financial Crime, Worldline enables UnionPay acceptance in Nordic, Bank Green Pledges


Taking stock of the ‘E’ in ESG

by Ben Poole

Green globe

As sustainable financial instruments such as green bonds continue to increase in popularity, what else can corporates do to green the business?


Reflections on treasury’s turbulent year

by Ben Poole

Digital world concept

At a virtual roundtable, Citi explored how digitisation has helped corporates to manage business disruption in the year of COVID-19.