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Inter-company Netting


The most effective way to cut payment costs is not to make the payments in the first place. That is what inter-company netting does, it eliminates most intra-group payments and can also eliminate many…

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Cash Flow Forecasting

5 steps to cash forecasting excellence

by Jack Large

OpusCapita white paper shows if you need to check your forecasting processes, then the five steps to nirvana are

Cash & Liquidity Management

Boosting cash management in a decentralised company

by CTMfile

Centralisation isn't ideal for all companies and yet, decentralised companies can be at a disadvantage compared to their centralised peers, in terms of cash management and margins

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Inter-company netting - undervalued and underused

by CTMfile

Andrew Goldie, Coprocess MD, explains how netting market is developing, the new functionality available and the future for netting systems and services

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Netting workshop, Stockholm 14 May 2013

by CTMfile

Coprocess are giving a Netting Workshop on the benefits and savings from Multi-lateral Netting with presentations from users - Autoliv AB and Lantmånnen.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Coprocess SA adds reconciliation to their netting system

by CTMfile

Coprocess SA have launched Version 3 of their netting system. This new version adds a Reconciliation Module on to the existing netting platform to allow corporates to use the system both for Intercompany Netting and