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Inventory Cycle in WCM


Inventory management is probably the most important overlooked area of working capital management, but is also the hardest to fix, as it involves financial and non-financial people working very…

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Working Capital Management

Four strategies for better working capital management

by Bija Knowles

Profitability can put processes such as cash conversion in the shade. This article by McKinsey suggests ideas for implementing a working capital improvement programme in a big organisation

Environment, Social, Governance

The cost advantage when supply chains get shorter

by Kylene Casanova

Being able to respond quickly to changing markets and cutting logistics costs in the supply chain has become a key consideration for companies who are keeping their supply chains short

Trade & FSC Management

Evaluating M&A through the supply chain lens

by Kylene Casanova

In this article in CFO Magazine, Kai Trepte looks at how to apply certain supply chain evaluation methods to potential M&A deals

Working Capital Management

Sustaining Working Capital Success

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO , Informita

Why very few companies sustain the success of their working capital programmes

Working Capital Management

Working Capital Benchmarks

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO , Informita

Apples versus apples? Not really

Working Capital Management

US companies’ debt up more than 50% since 2009

by Kylene Casanova

US corporate debt has increased steadily while working capital performance has deteriorated since the financial crisis, according to a working capital survey by REL.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

How to do cash flow forecasting right

by Kylene Casanova

WEBchat discussion with Nicolas Christiaen, Managing Partner, Cashforce on who should be involved and the key ingredients in effective cash flow forecasts