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Inventory Cycle in WCM


Inventory management is probably the most important overlooked area of working capital management, but is also the hardest to fix, as it involves financial and non-financial people working very…

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Working Capital Management

Monetizing inventory and receivables

by CTMfile

Samuel Matthew's, head of solutions structuring, transaction banking, at Standard Chartered, article in The Asset magazine highlighted several key features in monetizing inventory and receivables

Cash & Liquidity Management

Tips on improving cash flow when liquidity is tight

by CTMfile

Betty Fan, senior consultant at Element Consulting Group in the USA, an advisor of shipping companies and manufacturers, in an article in 'the corporate treasurer', recommends an integrated approach from all busines

Working Capital Management

Numerex launches Supply Chain Solutions Portfolio

by CTMfile

Numerix Inc. launched their horizontal, Supply Chain Management solutions portfolio, which enables enterprise customers to optimize their inventory management.