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Investing Short-Medium Term Surpluses


The main types of cash surplus are: Short Term Cash - 1-30 day surpluses (including daily and overnight), Medium Term Cash - 1-9 month surpluses, and Long Term Cash - 9+ months to many year…

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Dealing & Trading

Digital bond trading volumes driven by MiFID II

MiFID II is driving digitalisation in the corporate bond markets, with more than half of investment-grade corporate cash bond trading volume now conducted electronically in Europe

Dealing & Trading

MiFID II is here – but compliance is delayed

The revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive came into force today, but there are delays and doubts over whether the legislation can achieve its aims

Bank Relations & KYC

How to get an LEI

Finding an LEI Issuing Organizations, Global LEI Index could be your saviour


New euro overnight interest rate by 2020

The European Central Bank has announced it will develop a new euro unsecured overnight interest rate by 2020, which will complement existing benchmark rates

Cash & Liquidity Management

Corporates accumulating more cash than ever

Corporate decision-makers remain cautious and are continuing to hold on to cash reserves rather than investing or deploying cash, according to research done by Global Finance magazine

FX Management & Crypto

Can ‘quantamental’ apply in corporate treasury too?

The past year has seen the rising use of a new non-word in investment circles: 'quantamental', a cross between quantitative and fundamental. What does it mean and should corporate treasurers care?

Environment, Social, Governance

Islamic bond issuance is growing despite market jitters

The issuance of global Islamic financial instruments has more than trebled in the past decade but many challenges remain, including liquidity. Could this market interest corporate treasurers?

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

4 ways to make sure corporate assets generate revenue

Managing corporate assets efficiently is a key factor for overall business success, enabling companies to adapt successfully to changing markets and evolving business models


Can ETFs improve your currency hedging strategy?

As the exchange-traded fund industry grows, it's gaining interest from corporate treasurers attracted by lower fees, an alternative short-term investment and daily hedging possibilities

Cash & Liquidity Management

US corporates expect to increase cash reserves

US corporates say they plan to build their cash reserves rather than deploy cash, according to the latest quarterly survey of corporate treasury executives, by the AFP


Treasurers must become the CFO’s Strategic Superhero

by Tasja Botha, Capital Markets and Corporate Treasury Lead, EMEA, OpenLink

Forward-thinking Treasurers are catapulting their roles to business change enablers, providing critical information to the Board. Moving the mind-set (and investment) beyond compliance, cost, and technology