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Investing Short-Medium Term Surpluses


The main types of cash surplus are: Short Term Cash - 1-30 day surpluses (including daily and overnight), Medium Term Cash - 1-9 month surpluses, and Long Term Cash - 9+ months to many year…

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How EC will tackle withholding tax relief procedures

A European Commission report looks at how to tackle national barriers with a view to boosting cross-border investments in the EU – and one of the main problems is withholding tax refunds

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Why short-termism could stunt your financial performance

A study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute has gathered data showing that companies with a long-term strategy outperform their short-termist peers on several financial metrics


ETFs: are smaller companies missing out?

An article in the Financial Times raises the issue of smaller corporates finding it harder to raise capital through exchange traded funds, which have seen huge growth in the past decade


Safety or yield? The choice facing US MMF investors

The SEC's rules on floating NAV are set to overhaul the money-market fund industry, which is reportedly worth $2.7 trillion. This is what treasury needs to know about the new rules.


ETFs to rise above $7 trillion by 2021, report finds

Significant growth in the exchange traded funds market over the next five years is expected to be driven by expansion into new markets, developing distribution channels and asset classes.


Market and credit risks remain high in Q1

Uncertain EU and global economic outlooks keep liquidity risk at high levels, according to a Q1 report by the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Cash & Liquidity Management

What do ECB rate cuts mean for companies?

As the European Central Bank yesterday cut two of its main interest rates, corporate treasurers may be wondering how the new stimulus package will affect them.