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Know Your Customer

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 15 March

by Graham Buck


Citi broadens Russian exit; Nickel prices soar; Santander launches grain-backed tokens; Jamaica offers CBDC incentive; DCash service restored

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 14 December

by Graham Buck


Commerzbank tightens rules on fossil fuel; BIS focus on cross-border payments; Rho raises US$75m for expansion; Worldline, Bex Pay partner in Brazil

Anti-Money Laundering

Industry Roundup: 8 October

by Jack Large


News in brief, featuring e-identity market, Crypto market in the UK, NatWest AML failures

Card Payments at POS

Industry roundup: 4 October

by Jack Large

Pandora store

News in brief, featuring Pandora Papers kickback; BigDaddy new POS system, and WhatsApp payments in India

KYC Compliance

Making KYC checks easier for corporates

by Ben Poole


KYC checks can be a source of inefficiency for corporates with multiple banking partners. SWIFT’s KYC Registry aims to streamline these processes.