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Liquidity Risk Management


The objective of liquidity risk management is to minimise the risk that the group/company will not have sufficient liquidity and/or credit lines to meet its current or future financial obligations…

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FX Management & Crypto

Managing currency volatility and uncertainty in 2023

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile

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Treasury will have to ramp up automation efforts and take a holistic approach to currency management to prepare for another challenging year.

Risk Management

Eurozone faces recession risk and financial fragmentation

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile

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With interest rates expected to stay at peak levels for some time, the ECB’s aggressive monetary tightening raises the risk of eurozone recession.

Risk Management

Expect a US ‘slowcession’ instead of a recession

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile

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While recession remains a serious threat, easing inflation and strong economic fundamentals point to a more-likely ‘slowcession.’